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Absolutely not! We have players of all ages and levels. Regardless of your situation and location, we have resources to support your game and performance.

Training and Nutrition are both highly individual and our programs are designed for each person’s strengths and weaknesses. All of our clients are programmed and coached with the same methodology as our professional players, after all, we’re all high-performers in our life.

Younger athletes (single-digit ages) can begin bodyweight training and performing isometric holds and low impact movements. Weightlifting age varies based on experience and development, before you begin be sure to find a qualified coach that can design an appropriate program and supervise the training.

We have a year-round facility inside of NTR Richmond Hill (650 Edwards Ave) but also run our professional program out of St. Andrew’s College during the off-season months.

No problem! We have a variety of remote training options and work with players at all levels across the world! Your location should never affect your results!

Our programs vary in length based on the program type and location. We have programs between 8-4 pm on weekdays at SAC as well as evenings at NTR Richmond Hill. On average our players will be at the facility for roughly 2 hours per day.