Our Partners

High-Performance Partnerships

We pride ourselves on the company we keep. We trust these brands to support us on our mission to Train, Fuel, and Educate the next generation of hockey players.

adidas Group

Adidas is a truly global sports brand.

Therefore, everything we do is rooted in sports. Everything that happens in sports happens in moments. Every moment is a chance for the athlete to start over and take today.

Everything we do is bound by one simple thought: we strive to help you perform at your best. Your success is our ambition. Your defeat spurs us on to be better.

Our consumers’ brand love is based on our employees’ extraordinary passion for a sporting lifestyle. With dedication, commitment, and team spirit, we continuously innovate to establish new benchmarks in everything we do. Shaping the sporting goods industry sustainably is more than a job. It’s our impulse, an attitude that is truly dear to our hearts. It drives us.

Athletes Care

Athlete’s Care is a network of multidisciplinary clinics specializing in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of sport and recreational injuries, postural and work-related injuries, and your everyday aches and pains. We are proud to offer high-quality, effective care to the areas of downtown Toronto, North York, in the beach, Yorkville, Downsview, and Liberty Village as well as to the surrounding communities of Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, and Scarborough.

Perfect Skating

The best skaters move the best. Whether it’s their movement efficiency, movement speed, movement agility, or movement timing, the best on-ice movers re-program faulty movement patterns to increase performance.

The hockey world has forgotten to move, Perfect Skating’s patented Movement Methodology restores asymmetrical patterns and allows athletes to FLOW.

Oro Caffe & Acqua Dolomia

For over 27 years, Oro Caffe & Acqua Dolomia has been selecting, roasting and blending the world’s best coffees with the same care and artisan precision that only the best jewels deserve. We have made quality our strength. We are convinced that our commitment to preserving the quality level of the product is fundamental if we want our clientele to remain loyal in the future. Yet, quality alone would not suffice if we did not work with equal dedication to pass on the secrets for enhancing the features of the selected coffees to our bar staff, given that only if they are handled as fine art can they give their very best. By spreading the culture and knowledge of coffee, we intend to generate conscious consumers who can distinguish and appreciate all the qualities of a great coffee.

St. Andrew’s College

As an independent school, St. Andrew’s College prides itself on the innovative ways we teach our students, using activity-based learning, cutting-edge technology, role-playing, and humour to engage and inspire. Our all-boys environment works. We have been teaching boys for more than a century, and we are committed to continuing the success. Our athletic, art, and co-curricular programs are amongst the most varied and comprehensive of any private school in Canada and inspire our students to discover their passion by tackling new challenges. While our facilities are exceptional, St. Andrew’s primary strength is its people. Faculty, staff, and students combine to make SAC a wonderful place. The 125-acre St. Andrew’s College campus houses many wonderful facilities. St. Andrew’s College is proud of its reputation as one of Canada’s leading private schools. With 71 teams across 22 sports – every boy can be part of a team at SAC.

The School’s second Headmaster from 1900-1935, Rev. D. Bruce Macdonald, did not want students in the stands; he wanted students on the playing fields! That remains a central focus of St. Andrew’s approach today.

Tara McKay

Tara Mckay is known for her effective teaching style, excellent demonstrations, her ability to identify where players need to improve, and her effective skating drills. Tara has 15 years of extensive experience teaching Youth of all levels up to PRO players.

Nature’s Emporium

Nature’s Emporium was established in 1993, with the central goal of introducing and providing a healthy and natural lifestyle to our community!

We’ve always worked hard to achieve this, through creative values and dedication to the details – and by offering the world’s best natural and organic foods backed by a dedicated family who truly cares about you and your health!

In offering farm-fresh, local, exclusively organic produce, natural vitamins, and supplements, grass-fed, traditionally raised meats, sustainable seafood, organic and natural groceries, gluten-free, vegan raw foods, and an incredible variety in natural skincare, cosmetics, and personal care supplies safe for the whole family (baby too!), we continue to make good on our commitment to you, your family and the world we all share together!