Sports Nutrition Program Brooklyn

sports nutrition program brooklyn

high-performance sports nutrition program in Brooklyn

Hockey itself is both an art and science regarding what it takes to prepare athletes for a game. Proper nutrition is a critical focus area often overlooked. At Gary Roberts Training, our Sports Nutrition Program in Brooklyn helps you fuel to compete for every puck, skate hard late into the game, and the confidence you won’t run out of gas.

We believe that proper nutrition starts with education, but that’s not always easy to find!

The only way to make real gains during the off-season is by putting the appropriate attention on nutrition. At GR Performance, we believe entirely in a holistic approach to training. Our in-house Functional Sports Nutritionist helps athletes & coaches recognize the critical importance of fuelling the body to maximize performance.

What is Sports Nutrition Coaching?

Our Sports Nutrition Program Brooklyn is a results-focused approach to optimizing diet and lifestyle. We work with you to develop a custom nutrition and lifestyle plan centred around individual goals and unique attributes.

It’s not about providing a client with a strict diet but educating and coaching them throughout the entire process. From the beginning of your Sports Nutrition Program, we teach you how to eat for performance, recognize your body’s response to food, and support your training. Our comprehensive programs teach you to apply that same attitude of athletics and performance to everyday life.

Customized Nutrition Coaching Program

At Gary Roberts Training, our foundational high-performance sports nutrition program is a 7-modual program designed to teach you our core nutrition philosophies at your own pace.

Our customized nutrition coaching program gives you the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with our Functional Sports Nutritionist to identify your specific areas for improvement. We design a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, provide you with the required resources, and keep you on track through ongoing coaching calls.

Due to the highly involved nature of the program, we only accept a limited number of nutrition clients each month.

Nutrition Coaching Program Details

  • Work 1-on-1 with our Functional Sports Nutritionist to identify specific areas for improvement
  • Personalized plan to help reach your goals
  • Provide your with required resources
  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls for accountability and guidance

Sports Nutrition Programs

Our sports nutrition coaching programs are highly customized, with coaching calls to provide accountability and additional guidance every step of the way.

3 Month Progam

For those interested in a customized introductory program to functional nutrition and beginning to establish life-long habits. This program involves weekly communication with your Sports Nutritionist.

6 Month Progam

For those interested in a more comprehensive program for developing their healthy eating habits. This program involves bi-weekly communication with your Sports Nutritionist.

Work With A Sports Nutrition Coach

We aren’t your typical diet coaches. GRT Sports Nutrition Coaches believe in education, accountability, and empowerment. After all, you are your own best sports nutritionist. We’re here to provide you with the resources and tools necessary to optimize your health and improve your performance.

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The Benefits Of A Comprehensive Nutrition Plan Include:

  • Injury prevention
  • Muscle healing and recovery
  • A stronger immune system
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased focus and attention span
  • Decreased muscle tiredness and soreness

Regardless of our age, we all want to feel strong and healthy, and it’s with this idea that we created our Sports Nutrition Training programs, perfect for athletes of all ages. The game of hockey is a lifelong pursuit, and we want to help you continue to perform on and off the ice regardless of age.

About Gary Roberts Performance

Our knowledgeable and skilled trainers and sports nutritionists work with you to design a comprehensive nutrition program around your goals. Therefore whether you’re training for upcoming pic-up games or performing in your career, our programs help elevate your game and performance.

For more information about our off-ice hockey training programs, dryland hockey training or our hockey consulting services contact our team today. We are proud to help hockey players in Vancouver, British Columbia, Victoria, New York, Buffalo and New York City develop their skills on and off the ice.