We believe that proper nutrition starts with education.

Are you committed to improving your nutrition but confused about what to eat? Unsure what’s healthy and what ‘diet’ you should follow?

We understand!

That’s why we’re dedicated to teaching our clients through educational programs and comprehensive coaching options. High-performance sports nutrition isn’t just for athletes, it’s for everyone looking to elevate their life!

At GR Performance, we believe entirely in a holistic approach to training, and the only way to make real gains during the off-season is by putting the appropriate attention on nutrition. Our in-house Functional Sports Nutritionist is always available as a resource and hosts several seminars throughout the off-season to ensure that every athlete has the tools to fuel for success.

High Performance Nutrition Program

High Performance Nutrition Program

Our Foundational High-Performance Nutrition Program is a 7-module program designed to teach you our core nutrition philosophies at your own pace.


This program is a deep dive into what it means to eat in a healthy way and the best part is that it is personalized to each individual. For some, it will be about learning what to eat when to eat it, and why and that will have a massive impact on their well-being. For me, I got all of that and something that personally was just as important; I learned about the relationship I have with food.

Kyle Koch (Executive Client)

Customized Nutrition Coaching

Customized Nutrition Coaching

Our Custom Nutrition Coaching gives you the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with our Functional Sports Nutritionist to identify your specific areas for improvement. We design a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, provide you with the required resources, and keep you on track through ongoing coaching calls. Due to the highly involved nature of the program, we only accept a limited number of sports nutrition clients each month. To learn more about our sports nutrition coaching, please schedule a call below.

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Sylvie is tremendously effective at taking your personal performance to the next level. Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, she is also highly attuned to your personal needs as a client. She listens intently, and her coaching style allows you both to discover paths forward that you may not have considered before, but end up allowing you to break through to the next level of personal performance.

Justin Smith

Gary Roberts Performance Supplements

Gary Roberts Performance Supplements

Although we believe in a food-first approach it can be difficult to get all of the required nutrients through your diet, especially, for active people.

With high quality and effectiveness being our top requirements, we have partnered with Designs For Sport to create the Gary Roberts Performance Supplement line to support your training and performance.

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The GR 7 supplements have definitely made a difference in my day-to-day performance – I'm less sore and have more energy – plus the protein tastes amazing!

Vince Alton

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